30 May 2022

Innovation is a continuous flow: Swarovsky illumina Bmw i.

27/05/2022 – Innovation is a process that is applied to the company as well as to our daily life, it's true. But from a business point of view a […]
25 May 2022

Savile Row Concours: bespoke, classic&sport cars, lifestyle a Londra.

25/05/2022 – Savile Row in the heart of the Mayfair district in London historically represents the reference point of English tailoring skills and has seen it alternate over the years […]
29 April 2022

Food and catering: it's time to overturn the brand concept !

28/04/2022 – If we talk about food and catering, the market is traditionally characterized by a corporate offer of products, a corporate offer of catering concepts and an offer […]
31 March 2022

Here is a great case of “Brand Management”: Here is a great case of.

31/03/2022 – Savini Tartufi, Savini Tartufi 4 Savini Tartufi, Savini Tartufi, Savini Tartufi […]
1 February 2022

Rolls Royce maestra di brand experience.

1/02/2022 – Notes of an explorer “brand experience”. Notes of an explorer […]
27 January 2022

The point of contact between brands, The point of contact between brands? The point of contact between brands !

27/01/2022 – Notes of an explorer ? Notes of an explorer “Notes of an explorer” Notes of an explorer, Notes of an explorer […]
21 December 2021

The METAVERSE for business: concretely, what to exploit?

21/12/2021 – It seems that the time has come to take a quantum leap into the future, in the virtual and in all that until yesterday seemed to be […]
16 December 2021

A brand explains before promoting: “Fendi”, the know-how.

15/12/2021 – The LVMH group carries with it an important legacy in the field of know-how and craftsmanship and on this premise has aggregated under the […]
23 September 2021

Innovation, vision and programming: London always the global investment hub, relationships and development.

22/09/2021 – Innovation today travels quickly in various directions, from technology to digital, to transport, to space, all’ambiente. Especially on this last aspect the […]