3 January 2020

The 5 the most promising strategies for 2020.

Looking at the most interesting projects that have characterized the last months of the past year and the trend of the key areas of the consumer market, fashion to […]
11 December 2019

Di original brand strategy – The luxury works with digital game: Louis Vuitton&League of Legends.

A seemingly impossible combination, a common thread that it is hard to imagine at first sight, yet the legendary French fashion house and the company's development […]
11 December 2019

Companies concerned about Brexit ? While the media to terrorize, get a plan from £ .3mld for the development of Oxford St. of London !

The infamous Brexit repeatedly postponed and again questioned certainly bring some changes in the industrial and probably also social level. In the media […]
30 November 2019

“Brand strategy”for service companies: more complex, but interesting!

The offer of services, especially in highly innovative content or level of customization settings, It is an area in which the company has need to express characteristics, […]
29 November 2019

BRAND AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: introduction into commercial channels premium / luxury

Our goal is to deliver value to value businesses. We address our service to companies with special productions, innovative, that combine design and materials, functions […]
31 October 2019

Research and positioning:

Italy has many talents and many excellences, but too often it is missing just a corporate #visione that goes beyond the product and exploit #ricerca, #innovation, #ideas. #businessdevelopment– Corporate development can be realized […]
23 October 2019

innovation, Key strategic and not just commercial:

Supercar and research on materials in space. Apparently both worlds with different market targets, but only apparently: Innovation is the engine of development and cooperation […]