Mentoring Club

MITO Mentoring Club

Mentoring is a technique of coaching and orientation towards the realization of the growth path, with whom an individual (professional, manager or entrepreneur) can find support and guidance in the development of a function or an entire project.

Unlike training, coaching and consulting, the Mentoring provides for systemic action, with real-time comparison and modulation based on times, costs, intensity and finally content. Indeed, a path of Mentoring may foresee in the course of realization the need to support another Mentor to carry on alongside the Mentee – in parallel – a coaching and guiding session on a complementary aspect, necessary to achieve the goal. In this way, the professional figure grows and is able – as part of its function – to identify other professional figures within the organization who can be included in a better functional staff.

Added value of Mentoring:
  • Flexibility and methods in continuous support
  • Costs and possibility of managing single activity slots
  • Field verification of the progress of the activity
  • Personal and function growth within the organization
How to access the service:
  • Dedicated initial check-up at no cost to the customer
  • Hourly cost starting from Eur. 50/h with the possibility of purchasing even a single hour
  • Packages for activity slots and fixed hours
  • Differentiated quotation for young professional, start-up, Pmi, company manager.
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Davide Diurisi
+20yr business dev. experience
Mentor at Regent’s University London

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