29 July 2020

Brand management, we study the excellent case “Riva” .

There are many famous brands that have written history or participated in history, but very few are able to remain on the crest […]
20 July 2020

The firm has two options, do like the others or become an icon: accomodatevi nell’Harrods Baccarat Bar.

Each company has the goal of success and the desire to create a fascinating story. Be it fashion or food, as well as any other […]
29 June 2020

You want to aim for international development? Let's start with the department stores and the strategy to be implemented.

If your company is struggling with an international development project, there are many possible ways and each one has different characteristics. there […]
25 March 2020

Companies: the risk of stopping – The Martian Strategy –

In 2015 Ridley Scott directs The Martian, a science fiction film starring a very good Matt Demon, based on the novel “Luomo di Marte” di Andy Weir […]
18 February 2020

Development and financial resources: if there is a strategy, the funds do not arrive.

A recent analysis reported by Il Sole 24 Ore takes stock of Venture Capital in Italy and finds a record year for start-ups […]
4 December 2019

Brand collaborating: excellent recent cases (Ferrari, Armani, Prada, Adidas, Tumi, McLaren, Aston Martin, Bowmore).

The road of business development increasingly passes from the collaboration between the brands belonging to different sectors, but united by some elements that let you create […]
3 December 2019

#beauty & #fragrances: a sector with strong creativity and strong trade rules.

We were able to understand and assess some companies in the beauty industry, particularly manufacturers of perfumes, always selected on the basis of a strong creativity and […]
2 December 2019

The development process in the foreign market: the approach, the objectives, phases, results.

Often we hear of “internationalization” or commercial development abroad, but it is not always clear how this process has occurred, if by chance, whether for a […]
30 November 2019

“Brand strategy”for service companies: more complex, but interesting!

The offer of services, especially in highly innovative content or level of customization settings, It is an area in which the company has need to express characteristics, […]
29 November 2019

“For your eyes only” : create value for the right target and work with the most suitable distributor company.

Commercial development of a company and its product is full of variables and divided into several steps. The first, perhaps the most delicate, and the […]
7 November 2019

Corporate development: interventions on the Brand and Positioning.

Recently, I often find myself talking of Rolls Royce, products belonging to the sphere of the extra luxury and seemingly far from the norm of SMEs or undertakings […]
31 October 2019

Research and positioning:

Italy has many talents and many excellences, but too often it is missing just a corporate #visione that goes beyond the product and exploit #ricerca, #innovation, #ideas. #businessdevelopment– Corporate development can be realized […]
23 October 2019

innovation, Key strategic and not just commercial:

Supercar and research on materials in space. Apparently both worlds with different market targets, but only apparently: Innovation is the engine of development and cooperation […]