Company profile

MYTH is a strategic model for the promotion and management of the value of made-in-Italy. We present products and ideas to buyers, investors, partners interested in developing lines and new collections of high quality suppliers, but also we work to develop a positioning for the company and not the simple and casual sales activities.

Our services:
- brand development: developing a corporate brand, positioning strategies on the market, introduction and management in distribution channels.
- record company: development of a corporate presentation document for partnership, investment Attraction, institutional presentation.
- and commercial development: introduction of products in distribution channels organized in Italy and abroad, with management of operating procedures.
- projects co-branding and brand extension: identification of project partners, presentation and production company, project design and management.
- retail development: assistance in the plan for international retail openings with location detection, and support negotiations (flagship store / concessions / corners).

MITO designs and implements initiatives and special projects, with which to create a strong brand identity and demand.
The key elements of these initiatives are:

Innovation and creativity - MITO tip of presentation forms studied by the experts (buyers, responsible marketing and merchandising in the distribution channels, promotional events responsible), placing at the center the exclusivity of production and as a side dish communication.

MYTH unpublished studies forms of communication in the development of an offer, placing the caller in the center of iconography, physical entities, sounds and settings with links to objects and everyday utility designed to convey the idea of ​​an innovative lifestyle.

MYTH invites the business person on the comparison, to spend more time and more attention during the presentation of a product, drawing his short attention.

Culture and attention to the market - MITO transmits information and messages as part of dedicated presentation moments, aiming to strike the other party before a concept and then for an offer.

MITO aims to acquire elements of knowledge about the lifestyle of the target even international, expressing in communication the opportunity to experience sensations and particular experiences.

Events - The promotion strategy of a company or a product or service will include the construction of "events", real moments of contact with interlocutors.

MITO focusing created "places and moments of communication", because you can have time, space and so to convey a concept and not simply make a commercial offer.

The site structure is designed to attract interest and offer insights, ideas, considerations on a new understanding of the product and therefore we report experiences and case histories in sections "culture".