15 April 2021

Innovating Italian haute couture to develop companies: leave the atelier and go beyond the product.

15/04/’21 – Among the business development strategies in such a crucial moment of the market, our attention is drawn to the Italian haute couture sector. One sector […]
8 June 2020

MITO, Club-Atelier.

A club is a reserved place, where to take care of and share interests, find inspiring topics and ideas, develop relationships and work on pleasant relationships. An Atelier is a […]
28 January 2020
Bespoke: the art of customizing, a strong brand strategy, not just a service.
th and ’ increasingly frequent the offer for customization services by companies who are sensible to the relationship with customers, interested in providing one more service […]
29 November 2019

BRAND AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: introduction into commercial channels premium / luxury

Our goal is to deliver value to value businesses. We address our service to companies with special productions, innovative, that combine design and materials, functions […]
25 November 2019

MITO and JER – London 2020

MITO starts a collaboration with JER (Junior Enterprise Regent’s London) to work together in mentoring to support start-ups and the services they offer […]
5 November 2019

#Value Project: how to develop a brand strategy.

We see the company as a #project and not as an object. This is why we work on development plans and #brand strategies dedicated to #personalization and inspired by a #vision. We carefully study the strategies […]