Davide Diurisi

28 September 2021

MITO Luxury in partnership with DISTILIA Dimora Storica Salentina.

We are pleased to start a partnership with DISTILIA Dimora Storica Salentina, a collaboration aimed at welcoming guests of our company and training activities. […]
23 September 2021

Innovation, vision and programming: London always the global investment hub, relationships and development.

22/09/2021 – Innovation today travels quickly in various directions, from technology to digital, to transport, to space, all’ambiente. Especially on this last aspect the […]
23 July 2021

Rumors about the Italian luxury hub follow one another, but it is really a winning idea ?

23/07/2021 – For a while’ of time the hypothesis of the establishment of an Italian luxury pole re-emerges from time to time, hypothesis supported by several parties with the objective […]
20 July 2021

The near future for #value SMEs: international and unpublished.

20/07/2021 – The near future for valuable SMEs is the answer we want to give to the many Italian companies with talent, capacity, creativity, history […]
28 May 2021

The art of personalization is a strategy to be learned: Rolls Royce sale in cattedra.

28/05/’21 – The art of customization is a tradition of many companies that have based their history and reputation on exclusive productions for individual customers more […]
26 May 2021

The time for change comes for everyone: Tiffany's new communication strategy&Co.

26/05/’21 – The time to change for many companies is always seen as a complex time, fraught with difficulty and full of perplexity, such as to have to […]
27 April 2021

Expo Dubai 2021, because it will be important.

27/04/’21 – The Dubai Expo which was to take place last year and which has been postponed due to the pandemic, has a new date coming […]
23 April 2021

Happy birthday VESPA: 75 YEARS OF MYTH.

23/04/’21 – From the 23 April 1946 to date they have passed 19 millions of Vespas, as well as 75 years and many stories to color newspapers and televisions […]
22 April 2021

“Sustainability”, a value to be treated intelligently in the brand strategy: KLM and Armata di Mare.

22/04/’21 – KLM and Armata di Mare renew their partnership starting from the exhibition held in Piazza Duomo in Milan last year 3 April and dedicated to […]