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1 February 2022

Rolls Royce maestra di brand experience.

1/02/2022 – Notes of an explorer “brand experience”. Notes of an explorer […]
27 January 2022

The point of contact between brands, The point of contact between brands? The point of contact between brands !

27/01/2022 – Notes of an explorer ? Notes of an explorer “Notes of an explorer” Notes of an explorer, Notes of an explorer […]
26 January 2022

Breaking News: Breaking News & Breaking News

26/01/2022 – Breaking News […]
21 December 2021

The METAVERSE for business: concretely, what to exploit?

21/12/2021 – It seems that the time has come to take a quantum leap into the future, in the virtual and in all that until yesterday seemed to be […]
17 December 2021

The Brand “Vespa” goes into Pop and calls Justin Bieber: iconic e cool.

17/12/2021 – The Brand “Vespa” he is not new to even extravagant collaborations, having often met internationally renowned names and personalities, but always linked to a […]
16 December 2021

A brand explains before promoting: “Fendi”, the know-how.

15/12/2021 – The LVMH group carries with it an important legacy in the field of know-how and craftsmanship and on this premise has aggregated under the […]
18 November 2021

Even Made-in-Italy needs a “rebranding”.

18/11/2021 – Made-in-Italy, an expression that has long accompanied manufacturing excellence and lifestyle at an international level, undoubtedly a set of examples and business cases of […]
30 September 2021

The Brand and International Commercial Development

Every company needs to find the way for development and growth, an objective that can be achieved if we work with method and strategies […]
30 September 2021

FOOD TOUR: guided tour of Lecce, between 'Knowledge and Flavors’

On Friday afternoon we will go to the historic city of Lecce for a tasty walk to discover the flavors and products of Salento. It will be an opportunity to get to know […]