BRAND AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: introduction into commercial channels premium / luxury
29 November 2019
Rating companies for Brand Extension and Brand Experience projects with big names.
29 November 2019
MITO and JER (Junior Enterprise Regent’s) are working together to develop a range of services to start-ups and innovative companies , starting from a mentoring program “mentoring” initially dedicated to new business ventures and then gradually delivered to the market for other clients at an international level.

JER is a unit formed inside Regent's University, whose goal is to offer support and guidance to the new generation of entrepreneurs from the university academic career. Some companies have already been established and are active on the market.

The focus of this partnership with MITO, is to provide an additional support of a more practical nature, certainly closer to the market and to the business dynamics that occur daily in organization,, in a first step involving young professional resources in the learning phase and its evolution into practice,, in a second step on the joint services to the market..


MITO and JER will work on real case histories and then coordinate a range of services targeted to international customers, looking at the former Regent's University Alumni network, active in many markets with well-established companies, with different focuses on the luxury industry..